So You Want to Be an Engineer - Now What?

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10 College Terms to Know

  • college terms

November 8th, 2016|0 Comments

From FAFSA to registrar, check out all the college terms you need to know before going on your next tour or filling out another application! Not only do college applications take a lot of time...

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STEM Career and Education Advice

How Can I Do What I Love?

  • media and entertainment solutions architect

Job Spotlight: Media and Entertainment Solutions Architect

Combine your computer science skills with the excitement of the entertainment industry through an important and lucrative career as a media and entertainment solutions architect. Solutions architects are found in many industries throughout our increasingly...

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  • fashion designer

Job Spotlight: Fashion Designer

STEM and fashion are not mutually exclusive. If you love STEM and have a flair for fashion, check out everything you need to know to become a fashion designer! Chances are good that if you...

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  • tourism careers

5 Top STEM Tourism Careers

If you love to travel, a look into tourism careers will reveal incredible STEM jobs that can literally take you places. The world is endlessly fascinating. Finding a tourism career could be a path that...

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When Will I Ever Use This?

  • understanding credit

A Student Guide to Understanding Credit

Understanding credit can be tricky - and even once you understand credit, it can be difficult to apply the things you've learned. We recommend talking to a financial expert to lay out an individual plan....

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  • benefits of a STEM education

Top 15 Benefits of a STEM Education Revisited

STEM scares many students because it is perceived as being too difficult and - tragically - boring. Clear up the misconceptions and check out these benefits of a STEM education. The truth is that STEM encompasses the...

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5 Cool Math Jobs That Pay Over $50,000 Per Year

"When will I ever use math?" You may not think jobs that involve math would be relevant to your future dream career, but many fascinating math careers do exist. See if any of these five fascinating cool...

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How Do I Get There?

  • taking notes

6 Tips for Taking Notes that Don’t Suck

It's no secret that you're going to be taking notes in school - and the quality of those notes could determine your performance in your classes. Taking notes can seem annoying to many students, but...

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  • college dropout

5 Ways to Avoid Being a College Dropout

Research done by Third Way shockingly concludes that 41 percent of college students fail to graduate within six years. Check out these tips to avoid being a college dropout. Six out of 10 Americans over...

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  • high-paying STEM careers

5 Colleges Preparing Students for High-Paying STEM Careers

High-paying STEM careers are part of what makes a college degree in the STEM subjects so attractive to many students. The STEM Jobs Approved Colleges list was compiled through a combination of publicly available data...

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STEM Behind the Wheel: Designing Race Cars

By |May 13th, 2016|Career, Featured, How can I do what I love?, How do I get there?, STEM - Engineering|

Head onto the road of extreme-sport success by discovering STEM careers in race-car design and the world of car racing. Though car racing is an extremely popular sport, it might seem all the pedal-to-the-metal excitement...

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Engineers Week is Here!

By |February 23rd, 2016|Featured, News, Real World, STEM - Engineering|

This year, Engineers Weeks falls from Feb. 22-26, providing a chance to dig into the plethora of careers that fall under engineering's broad canopy. Whether you want to build computers, study climate change, design skyscrapers...

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Why Sustainable Construction is the Future of Engineering

By |June 25th, 2015|Featured, How can I do what I love?, How do I get there?, Real World, STEM - Engineering|

Have you ever thought about the impact that infrastructure can have on the environment? Right now, buildings in the United States contribute to 39% of CO2 emmisions! If tomorrow's engineers want to guarantee the welfare of the planet for future generations,...

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