Job Spotlight: Media and Entertainment Solutions Architect

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STEM Career and Education Advice

When Will I Ever Use This?

  • understanding credit

A Student Guide to Understanding Credit

Understanding credit can be tricky - and even once you understand credit, it can be difficult to apply the things you've learned. We recommend talking to a financial expert to lay out an individual plan....

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  • benefits of a STEM education

Top 15 Benefits of a STEM Education Revisited

STEM scares many students because it is perceived as being too difficult and - tragically - boring. Clear up the misconceptions and check out these benefits of a STEM education. The truth is that STEM encompasses the...

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5 Cool Math Jobs That Pay Over $50,000 Per Year

"When will I ever use math?" You may not think jobs that involve math would be relevant to your future dream career, but many fascinating math careers do exist. See if any of these five fascinating cool...

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How Can I Do What I Love?

  • environmental engineer

Job Spotlight: Environmental Engineer

If you're passionate about caring for the Earth, becoming an environmental engineer could be the perfect career to ensure STEM efforts have a positive impact on our world. Environmental engineers develop transportation and systems that...

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  • fashion designer

Job Spotlight: Fashion Designer

STEM and fashion are not mutually exclusive. If you love STEM and have a flair for fashion, check out everything you need to know to become a fashion designer! Chances are good that if you...

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  • tourism careers

5 Top STEM Tourism Careers

If you love to travel, a look into tourism careers will reveal incredible STEM jobs that can literally take you places. The world is endlessly fascinating. Finding a tourism career could be a path that...

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6 Awesome STEM Gifts to Give or Get This Year

By |December 6th, 2016|Featured, Real World, STEM - Science|

The holidays have arrived and for many, that means it's time to find perfect STEM gifts for friends and loved ones. No matter what part of the STEM acronym provides the most excitement for your future...

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The Science Behind Dehydration

By |December 1st, 2016|Featured, Real World, STEM - Science|

There's nothing quite like a glass of ice cold water when you're thirsty — and that's because your body needs it. Get the facts on dehydration and its effects on your body. Dehydration is a...

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Celebrating Fibonacci Day in Style

By |November 23rd, 2016|Featured, Real World, STEM - Math|

Fibonacci Day is a chance to celebrate an interesting and ancient concept at the intersection of math, nature, technology, and art. Math holidays like Pi Day and Pythagorean Theorem Day are a fun way to...

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5 Surprising Ways You’re Hurting the Environment

By |November 16th, 2016|Featured, Real World, STEM - Science|

On Earth Day we're reminded to turn off the lights when leaving a room and not to leave the water running while brushing our teeth. Those are great ideas, but there are also less obvious...

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1,460 Reasons to Celebrate America Recycles Day

By |November 15th, 2016|Featured, Real World, STEM - Science|

America Recycles Day takes place on November 15 and it's a day worth celebrating across the country as our landfills get fuller and our resources begin to become depleted. Recycling is a key effort to...

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Why Do We Care about Fossils?

By |November 11th, 2016|Featured, Real World, STEM - Science|

What exactly are fossils and how do they help to enhance our understanding of the history of our planet? You've no doubt heard people talk about fossils before, but if it hasn't been pointed out, it's...

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