Did you know that music and the STEM fields are very closely linked? Most people don’t! What you love about your garage band or the instrument you play could actually lead you to a STEM career later down the line. Don’t believe us? Check out these¬†ways music and STEM are related and how you can turn your passion into a career.

Science = Creativity


Photo Credit: Music_002/ https://flic.kr/p/eicJZ by Rob124 via freeforcommercialuse.org

The objective of science is discovery and discovery requires creativity. The basis of music is creativity. If you love the creative aspect of music, the creative aspect of science may also appeal to you. Keep honing your music creativity and it may lead to a scientific career later down the road.

Technology = Music Technology

Garage Band Picture

Photo Credit: Playtime with music gear/ https://flic.kr/p/n4KZiR by David J. via freeforcommercialuse.org

Music Technology is a huge industry in which music and technology converge together into a possible career path. Music Technology utilizes any technology, most often a computer or piece of software, that enables a musician to make music. Music Technology allows for both artistic and technology creativity in that musicians can change and play around with recording, composition, storage, mixing, analysis, editing and performance.

Engineering= Modern Music Production

Photo Credit: DPP_0532/ https://flic.kr/p/bxAio3 by rawartistsmedia via freeforcommercialuse.org

Photo Credit: DPP_0532/ https://flic.kr/p/bxAio3 by rawartistsmedia via freeforcommercialuse.org

If you really enjoy molding or shaping a piece of music, modern music production may be a career path for you. Music producers combine the creation of music via the engineering aspects of computers and virtualized recoding software. Music producers are often compared to film directors in that they are the ones that who creatively guide or direct the creation of music.

Math = Music

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Photo Credit: Math Cafe/ https://flic.kr/p/5oCzn by Kenneth Moyale via freeforcommercialuse.org

Math and music are closely interwoven and that cannot be overlooked either. If you enjoy any aspect of composing, reading or playing music, you are in some form using mathematics. Repetition, pulse, duration, counting and many more aspects of music would not be fundamentally possible without the core concepts of mathematics.

Whether music is a just a hobby or a true passion, the components of STEM can be found in the sense of discovery, creativity and exploration that music brings to you. It may just turn into a career later down the road!