Future gadgets stretch the limits of possibility through their creativity and innovation.

Tradeshows like the global Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are excellent places to get a glimpse of new technology before it officially hits the market. Check out just a few cool gadgets of the future that are currently being developed or tested.

1. Parrot Disco

image via blog.parrot.com

image via blog.parrot.com

The Parrot Disco is a small, sleek drone that was revealed at CES 2016. There’s no learning curve for using this drone; users simply have to toss it into the air for it to take flight. Its autopilot function takes control of its movements from there, following a preprogrammed flight path. This ultralight drone gets a full 45 minutes of flight time and comes with a “loiter” mode where it can halt in its trajectory and pivot around points of interest.

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