5 Crazy Cool Facts About the Winter Solstice

At 5:44 a.m. on Wednesday, December 21, the 2016 winter solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere, which means winter has arrived in the United States. We know that the December solstice is the opposite of the summer solstice - it marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. The winter solstice is also referred...

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4 STEM Nobel Prize Winners to Know

Alfred Nobel created prizes to be awarded in the categories of literature, physics,chemistry peace, economics, and physiology and medicine in his will to those Nobel Prize winners whose inventions or discoveries were the best for mankind's benefit. The prizes have been awarded since 1901 and include 825 male and 47 female Nobel Prize winners. Those...

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The Demise of the Colorado River

The Colorado River is in perilous danger, which could mean disaster for the almost 32 million people who rely on it for drinking water and irrigation. In fact, the storied river has already been shockingly altered. Long-term drought in the American Southwest has made the Colorado River a symbol of the dangers that the changing...

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6 Awesome STEM Gifts to Give or Get This Year

The holidays have arrived and for many, that means it's time to find perfect STEM gifts for friends and loved ones. No matter what part of the STEM acronym provides the most excitement for your future gift recipient, there are unique STEM gifts out there that the STEM lover in your life will fall for. Take...

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The Science Behind Dehydration

There's nothing quite like a glass of ice cold water when you're thirsty — and that's because your body needs it. Get the facts on dehydration and its effects on your body. Dehydration is a common problem that is often dismissed as something that's not very serious, but not having enough water can lead to...

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5 Surprising Ways You’re Hurting the Environment

On Earth Day we're reminded to turn off the lights when leaving a room and not to leave the water running while brushing our teeth. Those are great ideas, but there are also less obvious things you do every day that hurt the environment. Aside from wasting water and energy, there are actually a lot...

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1,460 Reasons to Celebrate America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day takes place on November 15 and it's a day worth celebrating across the country as our landfills get fuller and our resources begin to become depleted. Recycling is a key effort to protect the environment. While it's not enough on its own to fight climate change or prevent deforestation, it's a huge...

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Why Do We Care about Fossils?

What exactly are fossils and how do they help to enhance our understanding of the history of our planet? You've no doubt heard people talk about fossils before, but if it hasn't been pointed out, it's not always obvious what an absolutely massive role they have played (and continue to play) in scientific discovery. What are...

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Are Bananas Going Extinct?

Bananas seem plentiful and cheap if you walk around any grocery store, but they are rumored to be going extinct. More than 100 billion bananas are consumed around the world every year, putting them behind only wheat, rice, and corn as a top crop. With 110 calories in a 4-ounce offering, bananas contain only small...

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5 Top STEM Sea Careers

Do you love the ocean? One of these STEM sea careers might be exactly the job you're looking for. They all combine your love for the sea with your STEM skills! Sea careers offer an opportunity for water-lovers to spend their time either in the ocean or contributing to a better understanding of it. There's...

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