Job Spotlight: Environmental Engineer

If you're passionate about caring for the Earth, becoming an environmental engineer could be the perfect career to ensure STEM efforts have a positive impact on our world. Environmental engineers develop transportation and systems that are environmentally conscious. If you have a mind for numbers, excel in chemistry and biology, and enjoy problem-solving, engineering could...

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So You Want to Be an Engineer – Now What?

Congratulations! You decided you want to be an engineer. But what exactly does that mean? "Engineer" is a title that refers to more than just a single job. Ask some high school students what they want to do after graduation, and chances are good that at least one will say "become an engineer!" But saying...

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5 Top STEM Sea Careers

Do you love the ocean? One of these STEM sea careers might be exactly the job you're looking for. They all combine your love for the sea with your STEM skills! Sea careers offer an opportunity for water-lovers to spend their time either in the ocean or contributing to a better understanding of it. There's...

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Scientist versus Engineer: What’s the difference?

Do you know the difference of a scientist vs. engineer? Find out!

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Job Spotlight: Launch Engineer, Fluid Systems

If you love making things go fast or just go boom, listen up: Launch engineer, fluid systems could be the job in the space industry for you. The launch engineer is the architect behind how space shuttles, satellites, and other objects being launched into outer space get into the great beyond. It's an intellectually stimulating...

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5 Famous Women in Engineering

Learn about some famous women in engineering who reached new heights for female professionals in STEM. As women in engineering are encouraged to follow their career dreams, it is important to remember the female engineers who broke through barriers, ignored critics, made some of the most innovative advancements of their time, and continue opening doors...

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Rethinking Sustainable Building

Discover opportunities to create eco-friendly change with a career in sustainable construction. The future of construction lies in sustainable building as the need to take care of the Earth becomes more pressing. Though this industry requires STEM professionals such as architects and urban planners, developing sustainable materials from renewable resources is integral to properly protecting the planet. Not...

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5 Places You’ll Find STEM in the Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are just around the corner, and if you pay attention you'll find STEM just about everywhere. We've talked about sports here at STEM Jobs many times from STEM jobs in sports (which seem to surprise a lot of people) to analytics. The Olympics are just another example of the intersection you'll...

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4 Must-Ride Roller Coasters for Summer 2016

Summer has arrived, and with it, theme park season. That means it's time for roller coasters that take you to the edge and leave you screaming for more. Every summer crazier and crazier rides hit themes parks across the country, making for increasingly intense thrills. Here are this summer's top four must-ride new roller coasters....

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Job Spotlight: Theme Park Architect

Become a theme park architect and an amusement park can be your office. Well, not every day, but in many ways this is true. Being a theme park architect (or theme park designer) is a job many want for this very reason, and that also makes it a tough gig to land. There are a...

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