Job Spotlight: Media and Entertainment Solutions Architect

Combine your computer science skills with the excitement of the entertainment industry through an important and lucrative career as a media and entertainment solutions architect. Solutions architects are found in many industries throughout our increasingly digital world, but a career as a media and entertainment solutions architect is unique because it requires knowledge of both...

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5 Top STEM Jobs in the Space Industry

The space industry is changing in surprising ways, and that is providing many opportunities for students to pursue a space career. With space exploration opening up to private companies like Virgin and Space X, one of our tech companies on the rise, there are many ways interested students can plan for a career in the...

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Job Spotlight: Ichthyologist

Dream of swimming with the fishes? Pursue a career as an ichthyologist to gain a better understanding of our aquatic friends. In recent years, marine biology careers have gained great popularity. Among many students, marine biology is seen as an avenue to become involved in solving environmental threats to the world's oceans, a method to...

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