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4 STEM Nobel Prize Winners to Know

Alfred Nobel created prizes to be awarded in the categories of literature, physics,chemistry peace, economics, and physiology and medicine in his will to those Nobel Prize winners whose inventions or discoveries were the best for mankind's benefit. The prizes have been awarded since 1901 and include 825 male and 47 female Nobel Prize winners. Those...

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5 Ways to Avoid Being a College Dropout

Research done by Third Way shockingly concludes that 41 percent of college students fail to graduate within six years. Check out these tips to avoid being a college dropout. Six out of 10 Americans over the age of 24 have attempted college, but one-third of those people ended up becoming a college dropout. College dropouts...

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5 Top STEM Colleges for Diversity

These are some of the top STEM colleges for diversity named to the list of STEM JOBS Approved Colleges for 2016. Attracting and supporting students and faculty from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds with different life experiences and perspectives is an important part of any school. A bright spotlight focused on the need for diversity...

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Election Day: The Candidates’ Views on Education

Election Day is November 8 and even if you cannot yet vote in the national election, the results may affect you as a student in the public education system. Just where do the 2016 presidential candidates stand on educational issues? What candidates say they believe and what they can actually accomplish as president may be...

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Job Spotlight: Mariner Pilot

The most dangerous part of any sea voyage is coming into port, and it is the job of the mariner pilot to get the ship safely through shallow water and a busy harbor. Can this job really be that dangerous? Yes, it can, and it is! But it is also a respected position for someone...

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10 College Planning Tips for Parents

Are you worried, emotional, uncertain, and stressed about your child going off to college? Take a deep breath and try these college planning tips. 1. Keep communicating Parents and teens often have trouble with communication, but it is never more important than when you are beginning that college search process. Listen as much as you...

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The Science Behind Comfort Foods

Ah, comfort foods ... they bring a smile to our faces, make us feel happy, calm, and content ... but is there a scientific reason for this wonderful food feeling? A study conducted by Lukas Van Oudenhove, MD and Ph.D., at the University of Leuven in Belgium and reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation...

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Top 5 STEM Jobs in the Entertainment Industry

STEM jobs can be an adventure, especially in the entertainment industry, where every day is a new experience. If you go to the movies and are more interested in how the visual effects were done or the stunts performed than the story unfolding on the screen, you may be a good candidate for a STEM...

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Top 5 STEM Jobs in the Biotech Industry

Biology may begin with frog dissections, but combine it with technology and the biotech industry becomes a way to improve our health, feed the hungry, and use less energy through new products and processes. There are many biotech careers for many STEM types. If you see yourself in a lab coat and a microscope and...

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5 National Parks with the Coolest Stuff to Do

America's National Parks offer so many activities that no matter what you like, you will find it somewhere in the 59 parks that make up the National Park System. California and Alaska are tied for the most national parks (each has 8), but there are incredible options scattered across the country. These five made the...

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