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Job Spotlight: Forestry Technician

A forestry technician works in grasslands, mountains, and forests to protect and maintain millions of acres of the wonderful wilderness Americans enjoy. Love the outdoors? Choose from a variety of jobs available to the forestry technician, because there are opportunities for the loner and the people person, the researcher or the information booth attendant. Step...

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5 Top STEM Geology Careers

STEM geology careers are some of the best jobs on Earth -- literally. Check out what these professionals do, what they earn, and how to become one. Working outside, studying the Earth's soil and water, geologists provide information about the Earth for map-making, environmental health, and industries such as energy, farming, and construction. There are...

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Job Spotlight: Mudlogger

Mudlogger sounds like a terrible job -- how do you log mud? But a mudlogger is actually a geological expert and an important part of any oil drilling rig. The work done by a mudlogger is intense and can include many different tasks. This worker is often known as a "jack of all trades." The...

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Job Spotlight: Forest Firefighter

Recently emergency crews have been struggling to battle the many fires raging across California. But how exactly do you start a career as a forest firefighter? Being a forest firefighter is a career for the physically fit, and those aspiring to become one must pass a physical examination as well as a fitness test to...

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5 Incredible STEM Careers in Agriculture

If you've never considered careers in agriculture because you think they are available only in rural areas and farming just isn't for you, think again. A report issued in 2015 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture projects that skilled agriculture-related jobs, requiring specific training and secondary education, will number almost 58,000 through 2020. These are...

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Job Spotlight: Urban Planner

An urban planner designs cities and communities, helping city officials best use the resources and land available as urban areas are expanded or updated. The field of architecture brings to mind the design of beautiful or one-of-a-kind buildings. But there are other important careers in architecture beyond architect. The role of an urban planner is...

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5 Surprising Things Made from Petroleum

You probably don't think much about petroleum unless you need gas in your car. But there are some incredibly surprising things made from petroleum. It's commonly called oil and we do know that petroleum is in the rock layers under the Earth's surface. It can be expensive -- especially if you're paying for the gas,...

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Job Spotlight: Biochemist

A biochemist is responsible for cell research to assist the medical, energy, agricultural, and environmental fields, just to name a few. A biochemist studies the development of cells, the makeup of the cells, and how they work. This research allows biochemists to understand how cells work together to allow organisms to grow, fight against disease,...

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Job Spotlight: Food Scientist

If you've ever explored the ways flavors combine to create a new taste, you might have a career as a food scientist in your future. Unfortunately, just learning how to make and eat great food is not the only work of the food scientist. But this career can lead in many directions from the basic...

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5 Great STEM Organizations

Discover exactly how STEM applies to life outside of the classroom by pursuing membership in one of many great STEM organizations. Schools have lots of clubs and activities, but if you are really interested in science, technology, engineering, or math and want to get involved in STEM organizations, maybe one of the following could be...

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