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7 of the Most Amazing Things Made from Recycled Materials

Recycling used to be thought of as a way to reuse materials in basic ways and keep resources out of landfills. Today, there are some surprising things made from recycled materials! Incredible individuals and companies have found a way to take ordinary items that usually end up in the garbage and develop them into new...

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Job Spotlight: Actuary

A combination of good computer skills with math and problem-solving abilities may lead you to a lucrative career as an actuary. What does an actuary do? The majority of actuaries work for insurance companies. They help the company to create policies and decide the cost of the policies for the consumers who purchase them. They...

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Job Spotlight: Digital Content Director

Want a career in music but don’t have the talent to sing or play an instrument professionally? Use your STEM skills to become a digital content director. Consumers demand content, or information, almost exclusively from digital sources and it is the job of the digital content director in the music industry to be creative in...

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Job Spotlight: Emergency Medical Technician

An emergency medical technician's response and the care provided may mean the difference between life and death for an injured or ill person. The job of emergency medical technician, sometimes called a paramedic, is not for everyone, but someone who is able to react quickly and confidently in a stressful situation, quickly access the problem...

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5 Easy Study Tips for Your Learning Style

Hearing, seeing, and doing are ways in which we learn. There are easy study tips for your learning style to help you learn more efficiently and remember all that you need to know. Most learners can be broken into three categories: auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners. Additional learning styles have been proposed, but...

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A Simple Guide to 529 Plans

The ability to save for college while gaining a tax advantage on those savings makes 529 plans a good option for many families. Named for Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, 529 plans were created by Congress in 1996 and given the legal name "qualified tuition program." Each state offers its own program and...

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5 Fun Facts About Flying

Air travel is usually the quickest way to get from here to there, and there are lots of fun facts about flying that will make you look forward to the trip! For some, flying is an easy and almost magical way to get from one place to another quickly. For others, it's a pain that involves...

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Job Spotlight: Lineworker

Power lines provide all-important energy to homes, businesses, and industries. Keeping that power flowing is an electrical lineworker who installs, repairs, and maintains this intricate network. We’ve all seen these workers up high in the air, leaning out of a bucket truck, but what does a lineworker actually do? Job Description Electric lineworkers may get...

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5 Top STEM Energy Careers

Fossil, wind, water, and solar energy producers all offer STEM job opportunities for those ready to fuel the future in these energy careers. There are amazing careers available in every industry if you have strong skills. STEM Jobs breaks down these five incredible high-paying, high-demand energy careers. Each job offers the challenge of working to...

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5 Top STEM Environment Careers

We tend to take our planet for granted, but there are many people at work in environment careers who ensure that the Earth is protected for us. STEM environment careers are available to those who have training ranging from a two-year associate degree to a law degree, workers interested in field studies or a corporate office,...

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