7 Best Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

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December 15, 2014

7 Best Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

It’s freezing out and snow has arrived for much of the country! Luckily, science is here to keep us from freezing when we step outside. Read on for proven ways to keep warm this winter.


1. Drink Water

You may want to reach for a hot chocolate, but it’s important to stay hydrated too. Summit-trekking adventurers agree that water is incredible for retaining body heat. The more you have in your system, the easier it is to keep warm.


2. Wear Mittens 

It’s important to keep as much skin under wraps as you can to prevent frostbite, and your hands definitely need some coverage in the cold. Mittens may be a little more restrictive than gloves, but having all your fingers together helps to produce more insulating body heat in your hands. 
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3. Cover Your Core

Keeping your torso insulated is the best thing you can do to keep the rest of you warm. When people lose fingers, toes, and other extremities to frostbite, it’s because their body stops sending blood out to those parts of the body in order to protect the vital organs.
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4. Add These Foods To Your Diet

Awesome news: Eating gingerbread cookies can keep you warm! The root herb ginger has been shown to have the ability to raise body temperature. Some other foods that could keep you warm include brown rice and other complex carbs – they’re harder to digest so they’ll keep your body working – or foods high in healthy fats like nuts.

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5. Get Moving

Working up a sweat will warm you up long after your workout ends. Exercise gives you a rush of mood-boosting endorphins and literally gets your blood pumping. The increased blood flow moves to the skin – that’s why we get red when we exercise – and your skin feels warmer

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6. Stay dry

Having wet hair or stomping through a puddle when it’s cold out is awful. Dress in layers to keep the rain and snow away from your body and pick fabrics that are water-resistant to ensure you’re comfortable.

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7. Spend Time With Friends

Hibernating under the covers is tempting, but believe it or not, socializing actually makes you feel physically warmer. Researchers at the University of Toronto found that social exclusion literally feels cold. What a great excuse for a winter get-together!

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